Julia Kahn is a singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, IN.

Indianapolis IN native, Julia Kahn, has a sound that blends indie-electronic production underneath her chillwave, r&b, electropop vibe. She has been singing since a very young age, and has since developed a vibrant artistic vision that is connective and magnetic through her soulful lyrics and storytelling. There is an old soul gypsy vibe to her essence, dealing out heart-felt grooves in her lo-fi electronic meets soulful indie-pop sound. Live, she is magnetic, using her microphone like a scalpel, cutting through the mix with a smooth raspiness, often channelling silhouettes of Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin on stage. Music Week describes her style as “A blend of retro, soulful, and lyrical vocal stylings over captivating beats..” Her recent debut single, “Fly Away”, charted in the UK’s commercial pop charts — Moving up quickly from #25 to #9 in the charts within a week. Fly Away, is a shining example of pristine electronic soul, with its captivating beats and sincere emotionalism, squaring the circle between trip hop and a more traditional kind of singer-songwriter pop: think Lana Del Rey with a touch of Dua Lipa, plus a spectral wash of Janis Joplin. With this recent release, she has garnered attention from many, including fans, who have tattooed its none-more-meaningful lyrics on their body, and many publications such as CelebMix, who describes her latest release, as "one incredible track that demands you to press the replay button." Julia has recently collaborated with Multi-Platinum, Grammy-Nominated Producer Bryan Todd on the song and upcoming EP and is looking forward to hitting festival stages as well as a European tour in the coming year.